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    Camp Lejeune, NC Local Information

    Camp Lejeune is part of Jacksonville, North Carolina, Onslow County, which boasts a population of over 70,000 people. The median age is about 23 years old, making it one of the youngest cities in the United States, in terms of resident's age.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The median value for homes in Jacksonville stands at $147,000 making it an affordable urban city in which to own a home.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: For those looking to rent, a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $399-$1,775, while two-bedrooms run from $375-$2,780 and three bedrooms going for $655-$2,729. Four-bedroom apartments are not typically offered in Jacksonville, but will run upwards of $2,200 a month when available.

    Short Description of the Area: Situated on the southern half of North Carolina's coastline, the city was founded in 1757 and incorporated in 1842. It was dubbed Jacksonville in honor of U.S. President Andrew Jackson, and is the county seat. It is also home to Marine Corps Air Station New River.

    Climate and Weather: Because Jacksonville is on the coast, it tends to get more rainfall than the national average for U.S. cities, in terms of inches per year. However, it tends to see very little snow, even though average low's can dip into the low 30's during the colder months, which are typically December-February. The city's record high temperature stands at 104 F degrees, reached in 1999; while the record low is -2 F degrees in 1989. July tends to be warmest, with August being wettest.

    Top Local Employers: The United States Department of Defense, Onslow County Schools, MCCS Camp Lejeune, Onslow Memorial Hospital, Onslow County, and Walmart all currently employ 1,000+ people, making up the bulk of the workforce in Jacksonville. While Coastal Carolina Community College, Convergys (a telemarketing firm), the City of Jacksonville, and Food Lion (a grocery store company) employee under 1000 employees per organization, with all but Food Lion-who employs 250 workers-claiming no less than 500 on its workforce

    Other popular businesses in the area include McDonald's, Lowes, and Alorica (a call center).

    Cuisine: Most of the food options in Jacksonville are going to be different levels of major chains, from fast food such to dine-in establishments. If you are looking to experience North Carolina-style BBQ, then you'll want to make your way to Charlotte or Raleigh for a foodie adventure. For the nights that you want to stay in town, there are some highly rated eateries that seem to be the local favorites. If you are a looking for consistency and atmosphere, there are some traditional, well-known themed restaurants in town that will hit the spot.